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Women beyond the walls

52 minutes documentary

A proposito del progetto

In December 2015, Martin Pierret's grandmother was admitted in to a nursing home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, in Saint Pern, France, where she passed away 6 months later. During this time, Martin witnessed the great devotion and benevolence of the sisters towards his grandmother. He decided with his friend Michèle Mahé to get to know and understand the Little Sisters better and to make a documentary about them.

The Little Sisters of the Poor help the elderly in poverty by offering them accommodation, care and comfort until the end of their lives. Established in 31 countries around the globe, the religious congregation is composed of nuns who have left their families and country to take care of people in need. What led them to make such a choice? Four sisters from the congregation explained to us the reasons for their engagements, the nature of which gives rise to incomprehension. They speak with sincerity and conviction to define the relationship they have with God and the elderly. Women beyond the walls brings for the first time a look into this 180 year old congregation. The film immerses us in a universe based on faith and humanism where wisdom and benevolence are the key words.

Women beyond the walls is a meeting between two universes. It is the story of two young directors who decided to get to know an active religious congregation in order to find answers to their questions : What led them to dedicate their lives to God and the elderly? How did their Call manifest itself? How did their family react to their choice? What were the difficulties they had when they got into the congregation? How did they face those difficulties? What about today? Do they have any regrets?

The project aims to respond to a growing ignorance of religious life in our modern society which could be a source of stereotypes and prejudices. Women beyond the walls will immerse the spectator into the heart of a reality which may be a thousand miles from the image he/she has been able to develop of religion and religious life. The little sisters will share their daily lives with us and explain the reasons for their commitment to allow us to better understand this choice, which is often misunderstood but which has a very deep meaning for them.

Once the film is finished, we will submit it to documentary film festivals in Europe and North America in the hope that it will be selected by several of them.

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

The film was written and shot in 2017, with the help of a cinematographer and sound engineer. The edit, meanwhile, has just been finalized. We must now move on to the film finalization stages which include color grading, sound mixing, the purchase of musical rights and english translation. It is for these financial costs that we appeal to you.

Women Beyond the Walls, is a project that we have been carrying out for 3 years and which is very close to our hearts, and we want to make it happen. By launching this crowdfunding campaign, we aim to collect 2500 Euros, the missing amount for the finalization of the film. Any contributions from you, whatever the amount, would be of great help and we will be eternally grateful for your participation.

By supporting our project, you will contribute to a movie that gives a voice to mis-represented women and brings a new perspective on religious life.

A proposito del progettista

Martin is from Brittany, France. He practiced horse riding for a long time before becoming interested in cinema and its complexity. He studied cinema and editing after which he became an assistant and then an editor in the advertising industry. His taste for adventure coupled with his fascination for art push him to travel and to mount collaborative projects, among which we count several films in the heart of the Parisian skate scene. It was through short documentary films that he had the opportunity to edit, that he developed a particular attraction for real cinema. His humanism and his need for discovery led him to co-direct his first documentary Women Beyond the Walls.

Michèle grew up between Venezuela and France. She became passionate about cinema at the age of 10, when she was handling a cassette camera for the first time. Her curiosity for cinematographic technique led her to study editing and post-production. She then studied theoretical studies in cultural and communication where she is closely interested in research of cinema, sociology of cultural and communication. Her thirst for knowledge, her curiosity for the world and her openness to others led her to become interested in real cinema and to co-direct her first documentary film Women Beyond the Walls.

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