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Apollonia Saintclair

Ink is my blood – Volume One

A proposito del progetto




All the rewards were shipped out on MAY 25, 2017. If you haven't received yours yet please send us an email at [email protected]

If you missed the campaign you can still order the ebook, the stickerspage and signed prints in Apollonia's shop:

Volume One

Since I started sharing my drawings on social networks, a growing number of fans have asked me to print my work on paper. It is a tempting idea because, although I love the speed of the net, not only does the paper have unlimited patience, but it also allows me to publish my drawings in large format and highlight the details that get lost on a smartphone screen. So, after hundreds of drawings scattered on social networks, I've decided to publish, with your help, my first book.

This collection with more than one hundred and twenty drawings will be the first volume in a series of at least three books that brings together the major part of my graphic work to this day. 

Since the very beginning of this project, I also wanted to invite authors whom I have discovered in recent years and whose work I particularly appreciate in sharing their views on my drawings. This is why I am very happy and honored that Erika Lust accepted my invitation to write the introduction and that Evelyn Wang and Adeline Wessang, among others, are so kind to participate with their pen in this adventure. The texts will be translated into English and French.

For the beauty

We wanted to create a beautiful object: an art book whose touch is already an experience, printed on quality paper working with a specialized printer. We worked on the optimum size to render the power of the drawings while remaining handy enough to be appreciated in different positions. Weight is also an issue, since, unless you are a large company, shipping costs are very high, as we want the biggest part of the total price to be spent on art.

Finally we opted for the size 9.1" x 11.2" and a content of 148 pages.

Good goods

Since a a good thing should never come alone, we also thought of creating goodies exclusively for the publication of the book:

  • For those who love to say what they feel with pictures rather than words, we have pages of sexy stickers.
  • I will make for the occasion 10 original erotic drawings (8.3" x 11.7" / DIN A4) which will be printed with 24 copies on museum paper, numbered and signed.
  • And for the first time ever, I will sell these 10 original pen drawings.

It is only here and now

The book and all the goodies are only available here through this online crowd funding channel. They will not be distributed through local bookshops or other online stores.

The campaign will run from March 1st to March 31

Why crowdfunding?

Because this project should remain between you and me: from the beginning my work was published on social networks to avoid intermediaries, to get in direct contact with you without filters. I started this relationship with you as a four-eyes dialogue and I would like to pursue it in this way, with the sole purpose of sharing my drawings for our mutual pleasure. In addition, intermediaries automatically would increase the price that you pay as a customer.

A pledge is more than just a purchase; it is your personal commitment. It is a way for you to support me and allow me to work even more freely. Moreover, as this is a crowdfunding project, your pledge will only be charged to your account if, as we hope, the campaign will have reached its goal.

How do I choose my signed print or my original pen drawing?

I will create these drawings specially for this occasion, as a series in the same erotic style as the examples posted under Good goods. As soon as the drawings are ready, we will send the catalogue simultaneously by email to all those who have chosen this option. Then it's up to you: first come first served.

When will I receive my book and why do I have to wait so long?

Because even if we have already designed the book, there is still much work to be able to finally hold it in our hands. And to finish this work down to the last detail, we need your support. We have a very challenging time schedule ahead plan and we plan to start sending the books in the second half of May.

Very important: to avoid unsolvable logistical problems, it is imperative that you register with a postal address and an email address that are valid at least until the end of August 2017.

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Our main goal is to make a beautiful book with as many drawings as possible at an affordable price. That's why we calculated our budget fairly and we finally set the price at €33 for each book (€39 shipping costs included). The costs are dedicated mainly to the book production (writing, layout, printing) and shipping costs.

In order to reach the break even we have to sell about 500 copies. If orders happily exceed this figure, the surplus will be affected:

  • to make the book even more attractive, among other things with additional goodies
  • to pay the graphic designer a decent wage (because, for the time being, he practically works pro bono)
  • to reward all the wonderful friends and authors who by their large and small contributions have made this book more than a collection of drawings
  • To pre-finance the preparation of Volume Two and Three in order to save time on their production and to be able to deliver them faster.
  • finally, to build a kitty that would allow me to draw more, while worrying less about making a living by other means. As some of you may know, drawing is not my main activity: I have a day job to pay the bills and I draw mostly at night. I would really like to reverse this situation and make drawing my everyday's life.

A proposito del progettista

Encre Sympathique is the association that manages my copyrights. We have been working togehther since the very begining in close collaboration and the association will take charge of the project back office under my direction.

About Apollonia Saintclair

The drawings of Apollonia Saintclair appeared from nowhere in 2012 on the Internet. She draws essentially for her pleasure and increasingly for commissions. She has collaborated with Erika Lust and appeared in many magazines including Dazed, Juxtapoz Magazine, Vice and NAKID

She is a self-taught illustrator with a tortuous past and was fed as much by popular as by academic culture. The web is her source of endless references. Her influences range from Leonardo to Manara through Moebius - among other European graphic novel authors from the seventies and eighties. She also finds great inspiration in The Silver Spoon. A long-time resident of the Old World, Apollonia remains anonymous and splits her time between her kitchen and her studio.

Follow her work on TumblrInstagram, Twitter,Facebook, Behance