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Psicomagia, un’arte che guarisce.

Un film di Alejandro Jodorowsky

  • GLiss Gonz

    Hola, llegue tarde pero me gustaria comprar algo de este heroe y maestro sr Jodorowski. Cual es su pagina principal personalde el???

  • blackwidowla

    Hello, how can I stay notified to know when the higher goals will open up for funding? I'd like to contribute, but I seem to have missed the deadline. :(

  • Michał Majka

    Hi! When funding will be open to achieve higher goals?
    Best regards

  • satorifilmsProgettista

    Hi Vasilis,

    All the manifests are numbered and unique,
    You are the only one to have your manifesto in the world
    sorry if you feel disappointed, we really did our best :)

  • Vasilis Papaioannou

    I received the physical version of the manifesto. For the money I paid for it, I was expecting to be individually signed by Jodorowsky himself (i.e. original signature, signed with a real pen & with real ink.) Instead, the manifesto was just a printout & the signature was a printout too. Really disappointed!

    On the positive side, the extra Dinero Poetico note that you included inside the envelope, was really appreciated!

  • mariafrechillagarcia

    Me encantaría poder contribuir! Gracias por este proyecto tan maravilloso!

  • Brian Wood

    I still want to support! Is there any way?? Feels like an important project.

  • Choozy Choozery Chooz

    Hi! Is funding closed for good now? I see It still have not reached 200 and 300 thousand goals, and I wanted to contribute! I have not heard about it untill it was too late, what can i do?

  • Aurora Gonzales de Mendoza

    Me perdí ,demasiado tarde para aportar pero me encantaría comprar merchandise .admiradora y fiel seguidora

  • Omar Pineda

    I know I missed out on backing this campaign, but can I still pledge for a reward?

  • rebbysurulule

    Il faut qu'on puisse arriver à 300 000 ! N'arrêtez pas la campagne de dons ! :)

  • rebbysurulule

    Puis-je encore participer à ce magnifique projet ? La psychomagie m'ayant grandement libérée de plusieurs problèmes, je veux rendre hommage à ce travail :)

  • Joris

    Bravo, vous avez tout mon soutien !

  • Joris

    Bravo pour ce super projet 👏

  • Osvaldo Nieto

    Sky is the limit 👍

  • George Sougioultzis

    We're behind you!

  • George Sougioultzis

    We're going to make it

  • Greg Summers

    My son is a huge fan and for his Birthday on May 1st wanted us to contribute on his behalf. Is there anyway we could somehow still contribute? Or will you be selling any of the merchandise you are giving away for those who donate.

  • artfly13

    Greetings, I would love to contribute to this project but found out about it moments too late. Is there any way that I can participate? I tried sending a message but for some reason this function does not work for me. Thank you so much for all your beautiful and deeply inspiring work!! Warmest regards, Artemis

  • Carmen Gloria

    Muchas gracias Gema....
    Querido Alejandro Jodoroswsky, quisiéramos conocerte en persona, es lo que deseamos con todo nuestro cariño, y pedirte una ayuda.
    Iremos a París! Y podremos a los astros que nos lleven así ti! te encontraremos! Y te daremos las gracias en persona...

    Un fuerte abrazo!

  • Visualizza altri