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Latinxs Cultura Viva

Artisan Clothing and Accessories

A proposito del progetto

About Latinxs Cultura Viva: 

Support Mexican artisans and look stylish! Latinxs Cultura Viva is a social enterprise that promotes and sells original and authentic handmade clothing and accessories made by artisans from Mexico. Latinxs Cultura Viva is fair trade, creates local job opportunities, and promotes cultural awareness. When you purchase our products, you are making a difference in the lives of artisans and their families, and at the same time, you are looking stylish. Most importantly, you are keeping the culture alive. We have a variety of products for any occasion. Our clothing is made with love and vibrant colors. You can learn more and purchase our products by visiting our website at or find us on social media @LatinxsCulturaViva. I welcome you to meet our artisans and their work below.         

Meet the Artisans:

Yucatan, Mexico

Pictured below is Peregrina members of her family in her home studio. 

Muñecas Peregrina is a family project that began in 2006 and was started by the Cen Cutz family from Ixil, Yucatan. All family members are involved in the making of these dolls, from the youngest to the oldest. The Cen Cutz family started with only two sizes made exclusively from raw fabric and grew to incorporate various sizes, models, and textiles. Recently, they began crafting personalized dolls. The Peregrina doll’s clothing represents the typical traditional dress of the state of the Yucatan with vibrant colors, detailed stitching, and the accurate depiction of their people. You can trust that every detail is carefully crafted. The family’s goal is to trademark their dolls and reach a broad range of customers by establishing their store in Ixil and Merida, Yucatan. 


Yucatan, Mexico

Pictured below is Nelmy with her family in her home. 

Nelmy is a Mayan artisan from Dzan, Yucatán. She learned the craft of embroidery at the age of 14. She began assisting her friend to embroider clothing and accessories. After Nelmy married and became a mother to five children, she rented an embroidery machine with the support of her father in law. She began to develop her embroidery products to support her family with what little she earned financially. She saved enough to purchase a meter of fabric to make napkins for tortillas and began selling them in different neighborhoods. Nelmy then started making blouses and gowns for young girls. Her husband and children assist her now with the business, and she hopes to expand her business. By collaborating with Latinxs Cultura Viva, Nelmy ensures she receives equitable and fair compensation for her products, allowing her to increase her profits. 

The northern part of Jalisco, Mexico 

Pictured below Wixaritari artisans

We partner and collaborate with various Wixáritari artisans, including eight families from the Northern region of Jalisco, Mexico, all of which are primarily independent women business owners. The Wixárika craft for many of these families is a generational skill passed down by family members. The artisans continue to develop and master their craft, which requires dedication, patience, focus, and love for their art. A necklace takes approximately 3 to 4 days to make, depending on the details and design. Each necklace can have up to 10,000 beads, and all of their handcrafts are made by hand. It is imperative to support them by buying their handicrafts as it is the primary source of their livelihoods, and through that, they can preserve their Wixárika culture. 

WIXARITAR ARTISANS HandcraftedI Beaded Accessories


Image 1 Rewards $35 Choose your favorite! female male or 1 2 7 8 3 4 9 10 5 6 11 12

Image 2 Reward $60 Choose your favorite! necklace postcard + 1 2 3 4 5 6

Image 3 Reward $60 Choose your favorite! wallet postcard + 2 3

Image 4 Rewards $90 Choose your favorite! female doll male doll and necklace and wallet or 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Image 5 Reward$110 Choose your favorite! Female Guayabera doll postcard 1 + Male Guayabera doll postcard 2

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

8% 17% 43% 4% 11% 17% Purchase of raw materials and manufacturing Internationa shipping of artisan products Maintaining business website & marketing Communications Taxes Ulule commission

A proposito del progettista

My name is Erica Fernandez Zamora, and I was born in Michoacan, Mexico, where I spent the first ten years of my life in a small town called Gomez Farias. Growing up in a low-income household, my family and I had to work in the fields to put food on our table. My mother did not have the opportunity to go to school, and at a young age, she began to work to help sustain her family. My mother has worked all her life and has instilled in me the importance of perseverance and hard work. Working in the fields alongside my mother and my siblings and spending my weekends cleaning houses motivated me to do well in school when I arrived in the United States. The lack of resources and opportunities forced my father to leave our family to seek financial security in the United States. While in the United States, he worked as a farmworker in the agricultural fields of California. This allowed him to petition to bring his family to the United States. Coming to the United States was not easy because we did not know the language or the culture, but the good thing is that I was not old enough to work legally, so my main focus was doing well in school. Living in the United States and then traveling back to Mexico after nine years allowed me to understand the lack of opportunities and resources that exist in Mexico. As a result, many families are immigrating to countries like the United States. Although I experienced my adolescent and adult years in the United States, my love for my culture will always remain. My cultura, which is composed of fearless and resilient people like my family and my ancestors, is a continued source of motivation, passion, and inspiration for Latinxs Cultura Viva.  As the name states, the goal of Latinxs Cultura Viva is to keep my beautiful culture alive while at the same time supporting the economic empowerment of Mexican artisans. 

Before founding Latinxs Cultura Viva, I advocated and promoted artisanal clothing/accessories and work in my public speaking engagements and other important professional and personal events.

Consequently, in 2018 I finally decided to combine my calling for social and environmental justice with the love and respect for artisans' work. The business world is new to me, but understanding the needs of families like mine is not. I believe that we can collaborate with artisans to support their families fairly and ethically and continue to share their beautiful pieces of art with the world. My personal goal is to engage the community in understanding the beauty of the Mexican culture, to learn about the stories and meaning behind the artisans' work, and to provide a platform where we can continue to support and uplift the work and impact of Mexican artisans in Mexico and the United States.

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