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Les Ambianceuses Level Up

Did you know? The company "Les Ambianceuses" will soon celebrate its 18 years of existence ... the age of maturity :-)

A proposito del progetto

Did you know? The company "Les Ambianceuses" will soon celebrate its 18 years of existence ... the age of maturity :-)


Les Ambianceuses will sign their big comeback in 2020 with a brand new team. Their two greatest hits: "Hééé Mariamou ..." created in 1998 and developed since 2006 within Les Ambianceuses and "Shake That Sin" created in 2011 are scheduled for several dates on a beautiful Parisian stage. As  well as for school performances, a first for Les Ambianceuses!


1 Shake That Sin

Shake That Sin in Los Angeles

They talk about it in the American press Nohoharts District - Los Angeles
"...This is a celebration of humanity, in all the flaws of our sins as well as the glory of our perfections.  In this 60 or so minutes of non-stop music and movement and wildly imaginative interpretative and rhythm-driven dance, each routine embodies sin and gives us an answer to it.  A problem and a solution all wrapped up in the kind of dance that speaks directly to the expression deep within our souls...."

Tolucan Times Article

Spectators: -Simply sublime! ! ! !


The show is simply sublime. Capital sins are very well represented. The physical performances of the dancers are impressive - we want to jump from our chair to dance as well throughout the session! Lol! Go for it! This is a tip you will not be disappointed. (...) Long live the Ambianceuses and Long live the Women.


2 Hééé Mariamou...

Hééé Mariamou ... theater play written in 1998 by Maïmouna Coulibaly, this 80 performances and more than 8000 spectators throughout Paris, Marseille, San Francisco and The Avignon Off Festival

Le Monde 2
"A comedy where reflection and bursts of laughter give set the tone.

Maïmouna Coulibaly (...) brings us with humor and modernity in the meanders of the double culture.

The evolution of all these characters set the stage for political reflection.

San Francisco Chronicle
Politics of dancing: Afro-French choreographer's new Chronicle show addresses what happens when cultures collide.


spectators' reviews: 

*-Nothing but happiness and experience

Support them, go see these artists. Each artist performs a sincere theater performance, so well choreographed. Funny, cheerful, very moving. Some black, white, arab, stories of women but also men 

* - Bravo

Maimouna still set the room on fire with this show. I had already loved Shake that Sin, so much so that I did not want to miss Heee Mariamou for anything in the world. The show has totally fulfilled its promises. Beautiful choreographies to music that rocks, humor and a real message of tolerance. The girls give themselves thoroughly on stage and put a crazy atmosphere. Mister choco in the middle of all these beautiful ladies unleashes the passions of the female audience . Special dedication to the actress who plays the role of Mariamou's mother, she is fabulous! In short, to be recommended without hesitation.

* - To see and see again

I went with my family (African)! We laughed, danced, shed a few tears and pondered on our story. I loved it! Congratulations to Maimouna, Cathy and all the others. The staging is effective !!!


3 Visual Identity Les Ambianceuses

In order to offer quality shows, the number one goal for Les Ambianceuses is to stay at the forefront of the news by offering a show rich in colors, with both classy and modern outfits, by proposing dynamic visual contents, with the current sonorities. Give a boost to the company Les Ambianceuses, is also to review all our communication strategy. It is more than obvious that the media of 18 years ago no longer fully meet current standards.


We therefore plan

a new visual identity,

an original wardrobe *,

a new dynamic!

* For info: Our tailor-made are ordered from creators such as Tiffany Rhodes (NY), Xüly Bët (Mali France USA) and Sadio Bee (Senegal France) ...

Be aware that in exchange for your support, you can get very nice items like a Booty Therapy T-shirt (you don't have an Ambianceuse T-shirt?), the first calendar Les Ambianceuses, and several other counterparties to discover on the right of this screen ;-)


Now you know everything! Contribute! We will be more than grateful ... :-)

This Ulule ends Friday, December 13 ! Do it now :-)


Level Up with Les Ambianceuses


Big up!

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Costumes and accessories Shake That Sin 4000 €

Costumes and accessories Hééé Mariamou 1000 €

Tailor-made outfits and vidéo clips Ambianceuses: 3000 €

Cost of counterparties and shipments: 1000 €

Share Ulule on 9000 €: 720 €

A proposito del progettista

Les Ambianceuses, now composed of Dalila, Maud, Peggy, Laurence, Sabrina, Dominique, Melanie, Sophie, Laura and Maïmouna, is a company of Afro-urban dances created almost 18 years ago by Maïmouna Coulibaly

Les Ambianceuses have been able to perform in Los Angeles in 2018 and at the Avignon Off Festival in 2012, with "Shake That Sin", and in 2013 with "Hééé Mariamou ..." , sponsored shows thanks to Kissbankers and Ululeurs! Inspired by Ragga Dancehall (Jamaica), N'Dombolo (Congo), Coupé Décalé  (Ivory Coast), Kuduro (Angola), Naija (Nigeria), Azonto (Ghana), as well as Traditional dances of West Africa and the Booty Shake, Maïmouna gave birth to the Booty Therapy.

Les Ambianceuses are intended to set fire, with choreographed shows and entertainments for professionals: clips, TV, show, performances, openings, festivals, parties for works councils, but also private entertainments (weddings, birthdays, parties).


> What is Booty Therapy?

The concept is simple: assume your femininity and invigorate your power of life by moving your buttocks and the entire pelvis area. Maïmouna gives classes in Berlin and workshops in Paris. Other classes are given in Paris, Toulouse (Grazac), Marseille, La Roche-sur-Yon under two different modes (franchises and instructors). Other rooms will soon be hosting Booty Therapy classes. Having opened a franchise, other classes are given in Paris, Toulouse (Grazac), Marseille, La Roche-sur-Yon ... Other classes openings are in progress. Workshops are also organized in France and abroad (London, Madrid, Zurich, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Bremen, Basel, Winterthur, San Francisco, Marrakesh, Djerba and Bamako) during which Maïmouna entertain and stimulates her students, affectionately named BOOTYKILLEUSES.

But who are these BOOTYKILLEUSES? Women (and sometimes men) who come in these classes and workshops to look for a way of expressing themselves and letting go for their greatest well being.

They say it themselves: "We do not care about conventions and diktats of beauties: big giraffes or short-on-legs, XS and XXL, blondes or brunettes, white or black through cafe au lait, big buttocks or flat as  a  board, what binds us all is this desire to move to overcome our inhibitions, to assert ourselves as women and to support ourselves as we are. " That's  what #bootytherapy is for these powerful and inspiring women . (Text from Bootykilleuses Daiana, Bélinda and Kelly) BootyTherapy is actually part of a simple #bodypositive approach.

English translation: Ambianceuse Dalila


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