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Les Chats-Potés - New album " LIBRE"

Participe in the adventure !

A proposito del progetto

We are a duo folk, indie folk music, Franco-Brazilian “Les Chats-Potés” based in Alsace.

The duo was born from our meeting at the bend of a metro in Brazil in 2013. It is composed of Léa Goncalves, guitar, vocals, and Ed Santos, violin.

After two E.P's (2013, 2015), we gave birth to our first self-produced album in 2018.

We are ready to embark on the adventure of our next album "Libre" which we want to be able to produce before the end of the year and we can't wait to share it with you !

Les Chats-Pote tes LIBRE

THIS ALBUM will be a folk trip in our poetic universe through 13 instrumental titles and songs ...

To be able to share with you our new compositions that we have kept preciously, we need your precious support to create this project, which with your involvement, will become OUR project!

Be part of the adventure!

The counterparties

We have concocted lots of nice rewards:

  • our new album "Libre" in digital version
  • the physical version of "Libre" in your mailbox
  • our previous album "The days after tomorrow", if you discover us or want to offer ...
  • an A3 poster produced by Léa Goncalves (La Barcasse à Images) autographed by us
  • your name in the album booklet and on facebook
  • a live online event especially for you, your friends, your family ...
  • a private concert at home ...

Les Chats-Potes <Libre>

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Your support will allow us to realize our new album "Libre"


Recording, pressing, printing of our album, SDRM / SACEM, posters, Ulule commission ...

objecf 3000

Making a clip

WE AIM FOR THE STARS ! Anything that will be collected beyond 3000 euros will allow us to invest in communication, the organization of future concerts, various distribution media, little bonus surprises for contributors ...

A proposito del progettista

Les Chats -Potes

Les Chats-Potés is a Franco-Brazilian duo.

On a trip to South America in 2013, Léa Goncalves accidentally arrived in Brazil. While taking a subway in Sao Paulo, she meets Ed Santos, a street and subway musician.
It is from this musical parenthesis that the artistic encounter will be born.

Léa moved into the musicians' roommate where Ed lived. And it was when he discovered that she
played the violin, that she will be integrated into the music group of which he was part as a violinist.
A duo takes shape, they are street and metro musicians, Les Chats-Potés are born, two violins with Gypsy and Celtic sounds and influences, very colourful.

Little by little the duo becomes a parallel project to the group and begins to evolve in a
independent. They create the E .P “MétrôFuge”.
After 8 months in Brazil, Léa must return to France.
The duo continues to evolve despite the distance and this allows for exploration and a different way of working.
Léa takes up the guitar and begins to write songs. A year later, Ed arrives in France.
They start from "zero" with their new project, music with folk accents, Indie-Folk under the new formation: Violin, Folk guitar / 12-string guitar, Cigar Box ...

After a second E.P "9567 km by bird's flight" in 2015, an album of 12 tracks "The days after tomorrow" was born in April 2018.
They perform at numerous concerts in France, Switzerland, Germany including a tour of Brazil in November 2019, as well as in the Parisian subway, and participate in festivals.

Why Les Chats-Potés?

It is in the streets of São Paulo that the identity of the duo is created, at the bend of a street, a hatter.
During the activity of street musicians the duo acquired two hats which very quickly became their sign of recognition.
The Chats-Potés are born!

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