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The I-Ponk

Short film/anticipation movie (about 15-20 minutes long)

A proposito del progetto

"I cannot translate the counterparties.You will find the corresponding counterparties in the insert "about the project leader"

“The I-Ponk” is an anticipation short film written and directed by Julien Palisse, auto- and co-produced by Clovis Prod and Image en vers, which shooting is planned in Hérault (34/France) in 2019.

“The story takes place in 2049 in a French dystopian society. A state journalist is laid off and finds herself in a secret underground world where bans and taboos are prevailing. She is about to become unwittingly the master piece of a project she does not know anything about.”

The story and context

The storyline takes place in a near future dystopian world.

The pitch

Audrey Maquisot, an influential state journalist at national level, is laid off. She finds herself in an underground world: the I-Ponk world. She does not know she is only there because of the correlation between her relatives and these strange people, and in the only purpose to call for general gathering, putting her life in danger. Among a world of bans and steampunk/punk dregs of society, Audrey has to face her own responsibility (role) within these two opposite universes. The I-Ponk need her to carry out their actions. To do so, she has to trust her free will and fight against the established order. She is aware that she needs them as much as they need her, to finally make “the choice of a new life…”

The action occurs in France in 2049. The country is partly defined by a unique state-owned media, a ban on gathering and no access to culture whatsoever. However, in this same country, an underground world is coexisting, a world of bans, art, misappropriation of objects, crowded with strange creatures, dregs of the other world. The film’s universe is characterized by the confrontation of two political and aesthetics switchovers, a cold dystopian system versus an ardent emerging world.

The I-Ponk is a movie which raises the question of our place and role within a changing world. This is therefore a way of picturing the current sense of a switchover between a system falling into decay and another potentially emerging one, into which everyone’s role is to be defined. It is also raising the question of our own vision on things, appearances, etc.

Presentation of some characters

Audrey (Hayat Guirhil)

Being the key journalist of the only existing media “UnikTv: State Media”, Audrey represents one of the last vestiges of instinctive journalism. Laid off for minor deviations, feeling that this world is not right and that it will never get better, she spends a whole night among the I-Ponk’s. Though skeptical and cynical, she decides to trust her deep feelings to replace nonsense by meaning and has to go beyond her own limits to get rid of her appearances and prejudices.

The Cameraman (Fabrice Andrivon)

As Audrey’s personal cameraman, he follows her everywhere obediently even though she is treating him roughly. Whereas he looks docile at first sight, he will become a comforting ally in Audrey’s discomfort, and will appear much more precious and “free-spirited” than he seems to be…

Savannah (Helen Buday)

Savannah symbolizes the transmission of knowledge and wisdom… She already represents the bridge between the old and the new world…but fight for a better future… She is the better connection to Audrey… Savannah is also a reminder of Savannah Nix from Mad Max 3, a female character played by this same actress. 

The I-Ponk

They are Punk, Hippies, dropouts and dregs of society. They are eccentric underground people looking like “Steampunk” people. They perform nonsense actions in an unconventional way within a world of prohibition… Viewed either as terrorists or utopians, they are however unknown from the majority. Who are they? Whose are they working for and why? Are they heroes from a dying world or simply crazy hermits hiding from reality? What we know for sure is that they need Audrey as much as she needs them.

We prefer to let you learn about this tribe throughout the movie distribution…

But maybe this movie is all about you…?

The casting (non-exhaustive):

Fabrice Andrivon Helen Buday Frédéric Lopez Stéphane Clovis Alexandre Bres André Leyronnas Léa Nasca Christophe Boucher Sabrina Kerfah Vincent Dequen Mélodie Sempastous Sam Rushton Camille Dorman Adrien Garrido Jérôme Médeville Aurélie D'antoni Théo Ricoud …And many others… 

The film crew :

Assistant Director: Séverine Vogin Direction of Photography: Christophe Boucher Stéphane Clovis Serge Bonnet (photography unit ) Camera Operators: Stéphane Clovis Cédric Royer Julien Palisse Chief Sound Operator: Florian Papet Sound Assistant: Tristan Lebourg Stage Management: Julien Palisse Costumes: Fabienne Dubois Marie Desnous Corinne Bestin Makeup/Hairdressing: Marie Desnous Editing/Timing/Music: Stéphane Clovis Decors&Accessories: Collective work Artistic Direction: Julien Palisse.... Executive producers: André Leyronnas Julien Palisse...

Self-production IponKproductions Clovis Prod ImageEnVers..

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

The I-Ponk is a short film lasting about 20 minutes and being the result of a collective work. This film is self-produced, meaning it does not benefit from any technical or financial support, but it needs the human and artistic investment of about 40 people (technical team, actors and partners).

The shooting will take place in the Boucherie Collective in Aspiran, in the bookshop Le Haut Quartier in Pézénas and in several outdoor locations.

This collective project has been enabled mainly by people of goodwill and true professionals inspired and impressed by the film’s storyline and universe.

In order to welcome the technical team and the professional (and non professional) comedians in the best conditions, the funding will help to compensate for the food and other expenses during the shooting, the rental of shooting places, the ulule fees, and the renting of technical material to complete our equipment during the shooting.

If we exceed the target, we will use the surplus to pay the professionals taking part in that movie and start the registration to French and international short film festivals.

About the project initiator

Julien Palisse 

Julien Palisse, 30 years old, is a self-taught and committed multi-talented artist. A writer since his childhood, he writes his first storyline at age 12. In 2009, at only 19 years old, he starts his cultural actor carrier with the production and organization of concerts and festivals in Northern France via his association, which gives his the opportunity to work in the accompaniment and booking of artists. In 2011, he enters the radio world as a host at Graf'hit Fm, which gives him the chance to use the words differently, to interview artists about their creations, and finally to become a professional technician on campus radio stations (Grenoble and Amiens) from 2012 to 2015. Nowadays, he is a volunteer host and programme producer on the radio station After two amateur short films, "A l'arrache" (In haste) in 2008 and "En attrapant une idée" (Catching an idea) in 2011, he works as camera operator, assistant director, co-writer, chief sound operator on short films, video clips, etc for the association “Image En Vers” and the production “Clovis Prod”. After a three years' involvement in the projects of the collective organization and Clovis Prod's, and a video clip co-directed in 2018, he gets into his first fiction movie's production: “The I-Ponk”.

Meanwhile, he works on the storyboards of two comic books with the illustrator ManO Bissaintes: Requiem (7 Volumes) and Ash (3 Volumes).

Clovis Prod

“Clovis Prod” is an independent audiovisual production company. Stéphane Clovis is a musician-composer-producer. Among other things, he produced the experimental work known as “ITINER” (water, air, earth, fire, sky) and the film “Les malheurs de Marie Louise (Marie Louise's Misfortunes)” available on youtube... More Infos:

Image En Vers (IEV)

IEV is a non-profit association which goal is to produce, support and create artistic and audiovisual works for several years. It implements collective actions, from administrative management to production of documentaries, including the production and organization of shows, live recording... 

A proposito del progettista

5€ and More
Thank you from the team!
And a personalized word from the director

10€ and More
Your name in the movie credits
+ Previous counterparties
20€ and more
+ a private link to see the film with limited duration (until the release of the film)
+Photos of the shooting in digital format
+ Previous counterparties

30€ and more
previous counterparties
+The Making Off of the film
+ A invitation for a preview of the film (excluding travel expenses)
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50€ ans more
Previous counterparties
+The film in digital format

100€ and more
Previous counterparties
+ elements of the decor to be recovered (sofa...)

150€ and more
+ A screen-printed T-Shirt of the film
+ Previous counterparties

200€ and more
Previous Counterparties
+A poster signed by the film team

500€ and More
previous counterparties
+Your name mentioned as associate producer

1000€ and more
Previous counterparties
+You become Producer of the film.


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