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Singing in Exile

A proposito del progetto

In one sentence:

Documentary film about a transmission of an Armenian culture  to a group of young European actors and performers. It will be ready to broadcast in 2015 on the 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide. 


Through the transmission of a liturgical chant endangered, a couple of Armenians and a Turkish journalist take part in a journey of a theater company in Anatolia on the footsteps of the Armenian people. Merged in the creation, their voices give life to the Missing of the genocide and opens communication between Turks and Armenians.

Synopsis (max 200 words):

In order to pass on an their ancestral and endangered heritage, Aram and Virginia, an Armenian couple from the diaspora, take a troupe of young European actors of the Wroclaw Grotowski Institute on an initiatory journey to the places where this art was born. On the way, their questions revive the wealth of a wiped-out culture, and singing becomes a language of creation and sharing, a breath of life.

Our film is letting the audience to immerse in a world on a verge of dissappearance. „Singing in Exile“ is a documentary about a transmission of an Armenian culture to a group of young European actors and performers connected to Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw.

The film tells the story about an encounter between 2 very different worlds: Armenian art of singing, and a modern performance theater.

It will be ready to broadcast on the 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide. 

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

10 name in the credits on ithe website (i under costruction - active from november 1st)

25 name in the final credits in the film

50 invitation for one of the film premiere (Wroclaw, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, Erevan and other cities to be defined)

100 an AKN cd (Armenian Liturgical chant)

250 an AKN cd (Armenian Liturgical chant) + a DVD of the documentary (autumn 2015)

500  an AKN cd (Armenian Liturgical chant) + a DVD of the documentary (autumn 2015) + a place for the 'Armine, sister' performance (

A proposito del progettista

Our professional profiles:

Singing in Exile - a documentary film directed by Nathalie Rossetti based on an idea of Turi Finocchiaro

Biofilmography of the Director:

After studies at the DAMS (University of Bologna)  and Orazio Costa theater school in Florence, Nathalie Rossetti worked in the audiovisual sector as a writer, documentary filmmaker and assistant director for directors and producers (Italy and Belgium) .

From 2000, with her husband Turi Finocchiaro, they realize and produce their own documentaries. Nathalie Rossetti is particularly sensitive to issues related to Art, Anthropology and Justice.

In 2007 she created in Italy the "Faito Doc Festival" an International Documentary film Festival.

Selected filmography:

2006 "Yiddish Soul"

2008 "Against Blood Justice"  (several awarded winning)

2009"Open Sky"

          "Beyond the ring "

2014 "The Fabulous Story of Sevgi and Andon"

Producer: Turi Finocchiaro

Biofilmography of the Producer:

Turi Finocchiaro - After completing film studies on the artistic level (France) and technical level (Belgium) and becoming familiar with the landscape in several European countries, I decided to go into the field of audiovisual production with an initial foray into fiction films (Italy), followed by documentaries (Belgium).  From 1993 onwards, I worked for a number of production companies in the field of project development and financing applications for European programs (Media, Eurimages).  This led me to found E.F.C. in Rome in 1996 devoted exclusively to project development.  In 1998, I went on to create Impronte Digitali in Rome, an independent production company devoted to short films and creative documentaries.  I returned to Belgium in 2004 and directed several films with Nathalie Rossetti and together, along with Amel Bouzid, we founded Borak Films in 2009. With Nathalie Rossetti, my wife, we created the ‘Faito DOC Festival’ – a thematic documentary film festival (