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A children's story that centers around a caterpillar that attends a special school inorder to learn how to evolve into a butterfly

A proposito del progetto

I have written an inspirational children's book.The title of the book is Wilbur The Wiggly Wobbly Worm Pillar.The story is based upon a Caterpillar that is not confident that he will evolve into a butterfly,due to Wilber being hyperactive,and lacking the ability to stay still.My story intent is to send a positive message to young readers, that regardless how different you may be or feel, whatever shape,form,disability or appearance one may have,you can achieve your goals and be successful.

My hopes are to obtain enough funds so I can self publish my story, which is what I like to believe is a humorous and inspiring children's story.I will need funds for self publishing, hiring a professional editor and an illustrator, as-well as printing out copies of the book. My children's story is written from the heart.During these difficult and challenging times that the world is now facing,my feelings are that stories of inspiration,and understanding of peoples unique and diverse differences are of important value.I have hopes that The Ulul Crowdfunding Site, will help me achieve my goal.Whatever one is able to contribute is much appreciated


A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

My objective is to raise enough funds,inorder for me to self publish my book and hire an editor and an illustrator,as -well as printing out copies.Here are a few examples of images,that will be similar to the one's in my children's book. BUTTERFLY CATERPILLAL PUPA EGGS

A proposito del progettista

I am an author who has written an aspiring children's book.Addionally I am working on another inspirational children's book.I have attended acting lessions in the past years,and have enjoyed,writing and performing my own monologsues.

My purpose for writing my children's book is to inspire children and to convey themessage,that regardless of one's appearance,or their disability,they can fit in society and achieve their goals.Inspiration is the soul purpose of my writings and my reason for acting.My writings are always from the heart.