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A creation of physical theater questioning normality & consumerism - Premiere early 2021

A proposito del progetto

The video you've just seen is not a trailer and it does not show what the play will be :) It was built to give you a feeling, our work started just before the arrival of the Covid :)

We are Elise, Fabio, Jenny, Louise, Luca, Sandrine, Sara, Soufiane and Yann. A multicultural collective from Norway, France, Italy, Greece and Morocco.

Happiness is the project that was born from our meeting. To question the real and the obvious. Simply. To question what normality is.

"So-called normals have brought the world to the brink of a catastrophe" * ... Is this normality?

So, just with our bodies, our looks, our intentions, our movements, space and sound (and work, a lot of work !! :)) but without objects and especially without words, we undertook the crazy gamble to do a play of about 1h15.

Because we are convinced that a bodily theater without words, allows us to go beyond the borders of languages.

In order to allow the public to identify themselves with the characters in the play with a certain distance and to thus accept that a magnifying glass is placed on their daily life, the bodies have been treated, and the impacts of the normative society in which we live have been transposed to stage through physical deformations.

The bodies in this world : 3 normativ deformation for 3 reasons (to be discovered on stage :))


This play will try to go to the heart of the conflict that exists between well-having and ill-being

And how ironic is it to question society of things without visible objects and without words ?!


Research in progress: What happens in this world, when the bodies dance on the HIT parade music ?Residence at la salle des 4 chemins du Théâtre de la Commune d'Aubervilliers in February 2020


It will be a theater mixing different disciplines, from the Grotestque to the masked play (the bodies will be so deformed, that it will appear masked) through the gestural theater and the buffon.

A theater which speaks to us, and which we hope will speak to you ... without words :)


"What if the piece had to be a sound?"


Extracts from the artistic intent note:

(...) And now a capitalist society, destroyer of human ties, and generator of unhappiness, offers us its latest creation, happiness, to be consumed without moderation, to escape what it has produced, the ill-being. A devastating vicious circle. In short, society is renewing itself, alienating us more.

From the consumer society to the consumed society. This tragic observation, for me, has turned into a visceral need to say.


Research in progress: Advertising in this worldResidence at Théâtre de Verre in February 2020

* Tarkovski in Nostalghia

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

The funding will allow us to continue our creative research, helping us:

  • Working during 2 of the 4 creative residencies of 1 to 2 weeks each, in France (including one at La Grange de Limandre, the others, to be defined) for 9 actors (transport, accommodation and creation space) between July 2020 and January 2021

La Grange de Limandre, a place for our artistic residence anchored in its rural environmentUnderprogress renovation work picture of the Grange

  • To carry out a sound search (diverted objects, computer processing of natural sounds (voice and exterior), microphones, speakers and console)
  • To conceive the costumes of the actors (an artistic research first, then a confection)
  • To conceive the scenography-noisers who will constitute, for the sound creators, a world inside the world. Because they too will be on stage and will be part of the dramaturgy. These are Louise and Elise :)
  • To conceive the Lights of the show

Why creative research?

In order to be able to create a play that questions normality, without words and without objects, we need to explore the multiple dimensions of life, in depth and with precision, in order to be able to transpose them correctly on stage, creating a world close to our, although totally different.

We need to answer these questions:

  • What does the body say without speech? What world can exist without words?
  • What are the codes? What are the relationships? How are emotions expressed there?
  • How does the movement break down there?
  • How do the inhabitants of this world relate to time, space and themselves?
  • What desires govern and qualify this world? Can people touch each other? And what connection is there between touch & speech?
  • And what sound reality characterizes this world? And how can sounds and sound effects at the same time, without being cartoony, be the imprints and the revealers of this world?

Multiple questions that only moving bodies attached to sounds can answer. On a theater set. This is why we so much need to search. Together. Despite our scattered geographic positions (Norway, France, Italy, Greece and Morocco).

Research in progress: Work in this worldResidence at la salle des 4 chemins du Théâtre de la Commune d'Aubervilliers in February 2020

A proposito del progettista

I am Soufiane Guerraoui, French-Moroccan author, performer and director. Passionate about body theater and movement.

I am fascinated by the infinite richness of life, and fail to accept the limits of the social, cultural and mental systemic framework that prevent us from simplicity. The one found in a raw body for example, in an empty space, or even in silence.

Thus, in my artistic research work, I am closely interested in the question of normality and being consumer and consumed, as well as how to accurately transpose these observations and questions on stage.

The theater is for me a wonderfully beautiful, human and sincere tool to do it.