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Brantome next music video "DIRTY OPERATOR"

Starring legendary porn star Christophe Clark

A proposito del progetto

Brantome is proud to announce the long-awaited come back of a man, some might say "a legend". A man whitout whom the eighties would never have been the eighties, one of the most famous porn-stars ever :Christophe Clark !

He will be the main character in our first music video "Dirty operator", produced by our friends from Chai Chai Films. But don't panic, by no means you will be asked to fund any of Christophe Clark's "dirty" productions, this will be a classic disco-rock music video ! 

Your help will be gladly appreciated ! You will find above all the shooting financial requirements for this project : it's no big money, just what we need to make it happen... So don't be afraid, join us in this noble undertaking.



Dirty Operator is a dancefloor hit, between disco, rock and house music, with a heavy bassline and rythm section, dirty lyrics and shredding guitars.

For the moment, Dirty Operator is confidential but here you can have a taste of our sounds...

 Brantome - Curious Pop

Brantome - Camera obscura

Brantome - Robots dream of electric sheeps

Brantome - Pillow Talk

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Required funds for project >> 1200€ breakdowned as follows :

- Set design 

- Equipement rental

- Christophe Clark's flight & accomodation

- Post-production expenses

A proposito del progettista

Brantome ?

A well kept secret. Two parisian nerds, some kinky claps, many try-outs, arpeggios a go go and kryptonite sandwiches. 
It started a long time ago, kids having fun with 
tapes and machines, outputting ugly re-edits, 
and now joining their forces into a dark quest - the nastiest.

One goal, one 
love. Playing music for battlefields, shaking the hips of god. Acid beats for white trash angels, 
cold wave for black panthers… The sound of the holy trombones keeps everyone dancing till' dawn.


Chaï Chaï Films is a production company based in Paris, founded by Mathias Mangin & Jonas Parienté. Their first documentary Next year in Bombay is currently on the festival circuit and has already been selected at the Palm Springs International Festival and Mumbai Film Festival.  

Watch the trailer :

Visit the film website :