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Support the Carbon Heroes Scholarship Programme

Training local people to become climate change problem-solvers

A proposito del progetto

Addressing climate change will require fundamental societal, organizational and behavioral changes on a global scale. The GHG Management Institute’s contribution to this effort is through the construction of the long-term social infrastructure needed to support the implementation of climate change policies. We asked (our Global Community): What if local people could be the ones to help community, government, and business leaders reduce climate change? Local people, women, and underserved communities can get the right job skills, and be the ones to make climate action real.

When Countries convened to Paris in 2015 they forged a new worldwide climate agreement. Really exciting, almost every country on the planet chipping in, consensus, and countries signed on years ahead of schedule. Globally, countries are ready to come together to stop climate change. The missing piece is the CARBON WORKFORCE to turn the new COUNTRY PLEDGES into CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTIONS. 

"Imagine a hospital without doctors. We’ve got hospital facilities, X-ray equipment, vaccines, emergency responders, but we barely have any doctors or nurses."

In this spirit, the GHG Management Institute since its launch has offered financial assistance to individuals working for non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as those working in governments and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. Until now we’ve provided financial assistance and scholarships to hundreds of learners from around the world.

However, due to the high number of demands and our limited financial resources for full scholarships we are looking for sponsors and financial support to  offer more assistance and scholarships in the future.

Being a non-profit, the Institute is also committed to reinvesting in the development of new courses and the growth of the financial assistance and scholarship fund.


GHGMI has started a scholarship programme so that more and more of these “Carbon Heroes” can be sponsored. 

We see a special opportunity here to achieve 2 goals at once: (a) fight climate change and (b) empower local people. As countries, companies, communities are building their workforce, this provides a unique a chance for local people, women, and other underserved communities. We call these people “carbon heroes.”


We collected some excerpts for public consultation. However more detailed success stories can be provided on request.

“After taking BOGA, I decided to create a small start-up company in Costa Rica. We are providing greening services to industries or organizations with an emphasis on GHG project and organizational accounting. The voluntary carbon market is just starting in Costa Rica and we want to be part of the process.”

”Project level accounting was a new topic for me altogether and I enjoyed the experience of being exposed to a new area in GHG management. The course has given me a good understanding of what to focus on when developing and accounting for carbon reduction projects within my organization.”

”The course deepened my knowledge of greenhouse gas project accounting. I was able to understand the ISO standard and different approaches used by ISO 14064-2 standard WRI/WBCSD Protocol and VCS Protocol respectively.”

”This course was prepared and delivered effectively; anybody, whatever their level of know-how can acquire the knowledge easily. It helped not only to boost my knowledge in setting up GHG information management systems but also my knowledge in setting up information management systems in general. I’d like to thank my instructor and the Institute for giving me the opportunity to attend this course.”

and more. However what is unique about our Scholarship Programme is that we will provide our donors with full insights on the sponsored recipients, their performance, their feedbacks. We have doing and working with students and professionals for years. THIS IS OUR JOB AND OUR MISSION!

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Our Carbon Heroes Scholarship Programme aims to connecting the dots between education, employment and finance via the crowdfunding. We have run this Programme for years thanks to the support of our donors - that still support us - but we are looking a larger audience. We prepared a detailed description of how we will use your efforts/savings/help for the best of the recipients and developed a reward scheme that we do hope will suit you.

Implementation phases:

- Application period: Once sponsorship funding is received, an application period will commence;
- Sponsorship awards: Individuals and/or groups of individuals will be awarded with training sponsorship to participate in online carbon management training;
- Training period: Carbon heroes will undergo training online in accordance with their own Training period. Carbon heroes will undergo training online in accordance with their own scheduling and availability;
- Training exam period: Carbon heroes will have the option to take proficiency exams to gain;
- Certificates of Proficiency: These heroes can then showcase this achievement within their results, their portfolio applications for projects and job interviews.

Throughout the phases the Institute will provide the donors with regular updates on the status of the project.

A proposito del progettista

“To create an ever-improving professional society composed of internationally recognized, highly competent and unquestionably ethical professionals that provide the foundation and leadership for greenhouse gas management globally.”

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI) was founded in response to the current and future need for qualified professionals to actively reverse climate change.

If you currently practice as or are an aspiring greenhouse gas management professional, you have found your home. We look forward to you joining the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute:  "The society of greenhouse gas professionals".