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DiveCompanion by EyeDive

Save and share every dive with your smartphone !

A proposito del progetto

Discover DiveCompanion, the mobile application that will make you amazed again while diving!

Diving is wonderful but suffers from 3 pain points:

  • How to gather my technical data and use them efficiently? The paper dive log is not efficient at all!
  • How to share my dives and the wonder with my friends and family?
  • How to give sense to my dives? Oceans are in dangers, polluted by plastics. As divers we are on the first line to fight!


I founded the EyeDive start-up to bring wonder back in the diving activities. Every diving activity: scuba diving, freediving, snorkelling, … #anydiving!

 This will be achieved by deploying services and devices for diving, and gathering data withdivers while they dive and after they dive.

The first product is the DiveCompanion application, which is in development and already usable as a beta version.

It is available on stores, check to participate to the beta program!


DiveCompanion is your augmented dive log.

You will be able to store your dives, as in any paper dive log. But you can add pictures and videos to you dives and get summaries of you diver experiences.

You will be able to monitor your health.

The application will also let you share your dives, by many ways. i.e. on social networks, on a screen, and so much other ways.

Beyond that DiveCompanion will allow you to review the dive sites you explored. This will allow us to gather data to provide you the best information about dive sites.

Save the oceans

By gathering the data about dive sites shared by thousands of divers, we will be able to monitor the dive sites’ health and pollution levels and control the human activities impact.

We will then be able to provide advices and data to concerned organizations.

Help us save the oceans while being amazed exploring them!

Next steps

DiveCompanion is the first step of this project. After that, EyeDive will develop smart devices for diving, to make diving activities even more simple and fun.

One day, with EyeDive diving technologies, everybody will be able to be amazed before the oceans depth and their incrediblelandscapes.

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

What will the fundings used for ?

Besides the campaign inherent costs, the financement will be used to develop themobile application.


Therefore, in case the campaign would exceed the initial goal (thanks to you), I have a lot mre projects under the hand!


A proposito del progettista

About Me

Having a Master degree in Computer sciences, I mostly worked for start-ups.

Especialy for Evaneos ( which disrupted the tailor made travel. I was the first long term employee as a developer. When I left 4 years later, we were 20 and had raised funds two times. This year the mad record fund raisong of 80 million € and are about 200 to work there.

After leaving the company I got Bourges (in the center of France) and joined Enjoy Your Business, a local start-up that was developping a SAAS platform for digital transformation. I was then the first emplyee again and joind the capital as a partner.

I left the company (renamed as EnjoyUp ( in febrary, 2018. We were 15 collaborators and had raised funds with success.

I entered the "Bourges Plongée" Diving club when I started to work for Enjoy Your Business and aquired my two diving levels with the club.

I've been scuba diving for 4 years, but I practice snorkelling and freediving since I know how to swim!

I've always been actracted by ocans and seas.

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