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☽ Forgotten Lands ☾

Fantasy journey & coloring book

A proposito del progetto

We reached 250% ! You are awesome !
Thanks to you two the book will have a better paper,
and new products were added to the lots:

- A sticker for all rewards
- A wooden charm for all the rewards with the paper book!
- A new bookmark for all the book rewards (including PDF)
- A A4 print with textured paper !
Take a look at the news to see the charm design (and sticker when it's done)!



Walk into the forest and embark on a poetic journey. Guided by the faeries, go in search of the forgotten lands, where the ancient tales and fables sleep. Live a ode to the enchanted things that live in the woods and the nature's magic, meet wild beasts, old witches and some forest spirits... After that, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Let your soul be carried away by the souds of the woods, and perhaps you will feel the kiss of a faery on your skin.



That's how I call the fairies, and all those invisible creatures that live the woods. This book is made for the ones who love fantasy and tales, or who just want some of the forest's magic in their homes.

But that's not all! If you like coloring or you want to make a gift to a child, Forgotten Lands is also a coloring book! (However the drawings can be complex, it is not adapted for very young children)



The book:
Square format of 21cm x 21cm with soft cover, 130 black and white pages with more than 120 illustrations! Offset papier, suitable for colored pencils. The cover illustration still work in progress.

The rewards:

   ▪ A card (14cm x 14cm)
   ▪ A bookmark
   ▪ An exclusive badge
   ▪ A wooden charm (Forest Guardian and Faery Queen rewards only, limited stocks!)
   ▪ Dedication (original ink drawing)
   ▪ Original artwork from the book, watercolor commission




Wooden charms (click on the image to see them better)

A5 Originals (click on the picture to see it in real size)

21x21cm Originals (click on the picture to see it in real size)

A3 Originals (click on the picture to see it in real size)

(The Wolf, The Great Spirit, The Forest Lady)

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Most of the funds will be used to print the book and other rewards, and another large part will be used to finance the shipping costs. The margin of safety will be my remuneration if everything goes well, and the remaining percentage is for the platform fees.
If we surpass the original goal we'll unlock a lot of new rewards!


About shipping: All national and international shipping costs are included in the prices. For international shipping the book will be sent separately from the rewards in a special postage rate (tarif livres et brochures in France), which has a longer delivery time but is a lot cheaper. If you want all your order to be shipped together or any type of special shipment (tracking, insurance, etc.) send me a message and I will calculate what should be added to the price :)

A proposito del progettista

The magic of the forest is not like an usual fairy-tale, it's something alive, neither good nor bad, sometimes quiet, sometimes brutal, and as poetic as nature itself.


My name is Vassilissa, I'm a 21 years old french artiste who loves to draw ferocious beasts, plants and faery folk. I also love to get lost in the forest (well in fact I get lost everywhere) and I have antlers growing on my head (not easy to put a hat).

This is my first big project since I started to do fulltime illustration about a year ago (or I try to) and also my first experience with Ulule, so I hope it will work! :)

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