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G.A.I.A - Graphical Animals In Africa

Let's fight against poaching of rhinoceros by beauty of pictures

A proposito del progetto


I'am YCBCY, a french wildlife photographer, trapper of emotions.

In 2016, I was fed up by my daily life so I decided to break the rules and was looking for something with senses.

I have done a donation to the organism Wings4Wildlife, specialized for fighting against poaching of rhinoceros by flying with aeroplanes over the plains of Africa.

By doing this donation I also participated to a raffle where the first gift was a sfari in Namibia with the godfather Laurent Baheux.

Spoiler... I won the raffle.

This book is the reflect of my experience and my vision of the beauty of Nature of Africa.

I worked hard on this book, and now I need your help to make it alive and printing it.

That's the aim of my crowfunding project.

A part of the potential benefits will be refund to Wings4Wildlife.


I really hope you will feel the call of Africa behind this book and also adhere to the cause of Rhinoceros

Have a nice trip 


A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Mainly the money will help me to gather the money for auto-editing the book that you will receive as counterpart.

A part of the potential benefits will be refund to Wings4Wildlfe.


A proposito del progettista

Hello, I am YCBCY, french photographer since 2009 as hobbyist.

Everything started in the wild landscapes of Australia, where the sparkle of photography inflamed the bush of my heart with this art.

To be able to be the witness of the beauty of the Nature and to be able to share with anyone my feelings is one of the strongest feeling on earth.

This book, my story,  started with a little drop of water of innocence and envy to change the things, even if I am anonymous.

I am strongly believing that our behaviour, our daily tasks and small actions can lead to huge torrent of changes.

This is the philosophy behind YCBCY, a mix between YOLO, Carpe Diem and so on.

Never let anyone that you are not able to acheive something. 

I hope to welcome you onboard of my journey and if it's not for me... Do it for the rhinoceros

You can contact me for more details or any questions at : [email protected]


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