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The Heroes of Bonneval

Collectables items & gift shop to helpfor the consevationof the Chateau de Booneval

A proposito del progetto

Castle owners today are all faced with a difficult challenge; finding the necessary resources to finance the high expenses for the restoration and preservation of their cultural heritage.

Being a private family estate in France we do not receive any subsidies from the government to help in this daunting task. Nevertheless, throughout more than eight centuries of history, the Chateau de Bonneval in Coussac-Bonneval (Haute-Vienne region), has successfully crossed the ages often as an ally to the French crown. As heirs of this incredible legacy we are fully committed to maintain this precious heritage for as long as possible. Not only to pass it on to future generations but also to disseminate it to the general public as much as possible. 

Private events and guided tours are already carried out on a regular basis, and contribute to the restauration of this historical monument.  Nonetheless, they are still insufficient for the needs of the castle. Constant innovation is therefore the key to stay ahead of the financial challenges we face, all the while trying to remain faithful to our values and engagements.

Based on our excellent collaboration with an advertising agency based in Limoges (Graphitheine, we came up with the idea of creating collectable items for “The Heroes of Bonneval” collection. These will be available to the public in a brand-new gift shop with an innovative concept this summer, offering items bearing the features of real historical family characters among other things. Thus, putting in the spotlight four of the Bonneval family’s amazing characters such as Germain the dashing 16th century knight; the audacious and undaunted 18th century Pasha also known as the Count Claude-Alexandre de Bonneval; the Countess Judith, his wife, who embodied the essence of romanticism of her time as well as the General Marquis Hippolyte, an intrepid and valorous Bonneval who lived in the 19th century and saved the castle from falling into ruins after the French Revolution. They are the four Bonneval heroes for the 2018 summer season. Additionally, a variety of items and other collectables have also been created and will be sold in castle’s gift shop.

Illustrations according to period paintings found in the Chateau de Bonneval

In accordance with our beliefs and this new store concept, we intend to propose a new approach to the production of ‘’souvenir items’’. Our desire is to go beyond the “mass production and low-quality items” often sold in historical monuments gift shops, offering instead high quality and personalized items that will bear witness of the enduring family history of the Chateau de Bonneval. We have then chosen to favor local production as much as we could, opting for fair trade networks. Our children’s toys for example (swords and shields made with French poplar wood) have been manufactured by a traditional French company which provides help to workers with disabilities who want to return or remain in the workforce. Our original and personalized stationary has been printed and produced in the Haute Vienne region and our porcelain items are also crafted by local French porcelain manufactures.

Here are a few examples of what you will find in our gift shop beginning on Saturday June 23rd, 2018 : tote-bags, books, the Bonneval Ale beer, pens and pencils, stationary, medieval toys, collectable notepads, magnets, postcards, small porcelain items, refreshments and sweet delicacies specially made for the Chateau....

Postcards "The Heroes of Bonneval" & collectable magnets

Collectable Tote-bags - available in 4 differents models

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

A crowdfunding campaign has therefore been created on to help and ensure the success of this project that we truly believe in.  We are counting on your support, no matter how small it is any amount would help. Your kind contribution will help us face the substantial investment that this new project, dear to our hearts, represent as we would need to launch this operation funds for graphical designs and conceptions, manufacturing, fitting of the gift shop, communication and multimedia designs, internal and external signage, etc.

Thank you again for your invaluable support and the contribution it represents to the preservation of the beautiful French historical site that is the Chateau de Bonneval!

A proposito del progettista

Géraud de Bonneval, current owner and Marquis of Bonneval, and Marta, his Brazilian wife, arrived in France in 1996 with their two children after living many years in Brazil. The current Marquis inherited the title and the estate from his late father in 1997. By her wedding, Marta has become Marquise de Bonneval and she bears a generous and true attachments to their family estate. Her passion for history and the family characters drove her to learn deeply about them, their lives and the remarkable events the ancestors of this great family have accomplished.

They always welcome, in this castle they call home, their visitors with a warm and friendly “Brazilian smile”, making them feel as if the place is coming alive sharing its history with all.

Geraud and Marta’s mission is to expand and share this incredible family legacy with as many people possible. As such they constantly try to come with new ideas to renovate new areas of the castle, reinventing them to hold events like concerts, seminars, guest rooms ect… The opening of their brand-new gift shop will certainly contribute to the preservation of this incredible heritage.

Thanks again for all your support!!

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