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Ilyari - New album

Todas mis Sangres ('All my Bloods' in spanish)

A proposito del progetto

I'm Ilyari, a Peruvian-Dutch actress, cultural manager and singer-songwriter, based in Ecuador. 

'Todas mis Sangres' ('All my Bloods' in Spanish) is the name of the first album that I want to record as a singer-songwriter. This musical baby is the outcome of seven years of researching my Latin American an European musical roots. The style of music that you will hear is therefore the result of a game between Andean, Afro-Peruvian, Afro-Ecuadorian rythms, Western harmonies and modern popular styles. The thirteen songs that compose the album are sung stories, starring characters from my family and coloured by my own experiences. This musical work is a tribute to the diverse faces and musical traditions that have been forming the mosaic of my own life story. 

‘Ilyari y los 4 Suyos’ (Sunrise and the 4 Directions' in Quechua language) is the name of my band with wich I´m developing this investigation and creation project. This aproach to music is born from the deep love and interest towards the various roots that we carry within our mixed identities. 

To make this record, we are working with great arrangers and traditional musicians such as Coco Linares, who in 2016 got the distinction of 'Meritorious Personality' from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture for his important contribution to Afro-Peruvian musical culture. Working with musicians from specific musical traditions is key for making this album sound modern and rooted at the same time. The album will be recorded in Peru and Ecuador in professional recording studios specialized in 'acoustic sound'. All art is done by Kiki Weerts (, a Dutch artist with great experience.

Making this album means for us obtaining a license to circulate and spread 'Todas mis Sangres' ('All My Bloods') in the four cardinal points of the planet. Our vision with our music is to recognize the different roots that form our mixed identity, equity between women and men, and nurture awareness for the care of our nature.       


If everything goes as we dreamed in this crowdfunding, we will organize our time this way:


February: recording of a part of the album in the Equilibrio Records studio in Quito - Ecuador

March: recording of the other part of the album in Cabina Libre studio in Lima - Peru
March: mixing and mastering in Lima - Peru
April: Printing cd's and vinyls 
Between May and August: rewards delivery 
June: virtual launch of the album on digital platforms

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

Why are we doing a crowdfunding?

This independent way of financing allows us to have autonomy and freedom to realize this project without artistic restrictions. Reciprocity is an essential ingredient for a healthy helping relationship: we receive and we give.  

Why do we need this amount? 

The recording of a album involves the movement and time of many people to achieve it. From the production team to organize and budget; the dedicated work of all musicians to investigate, compose, rehearse; the recording in the studio with a team of soundmen; the mixing and mastering process; and finally, the entire album release organization and its details. 

What will we do if we reach the dream amount of €15,000?

  • 80 hours of studio Recording Cabina Libre (Peru)
  • 50 hours of study Recording Equilibrio Records (Ecuador) 
  • Mixing and mastering of the album (Peru)              
  • Transportation of the composer and artistic director between Ecuador and Peru                       
  • Arrangements and musical direction                             
  • Sound design                                  
  • Musicians (vocals, choirs, guitars, electric bass, double bass, sax, harp, marimba, drawer, congas, minor percussion)
  • Art and graphic design                         
  • Printing of 1000 CDs                     
  • Printing of 500 vinyls  
  • Launching of the album on digital platforms   

What will we do if we pass the dreamed amount and arrive to €17.000?

  • We will film the video clip to enhance the distribution and release of the album.

By supporting us you will become a godmother or father of this album and receive a nice reward.

 All help is a big help and we are already infinitely grateful!

A proposito del progettista

Ilyari Derks Bustamante

I come from a family of musicians, artists and activists. I grew up among the songs of my Peruvian grandparents, my Dutch father, my Peruvian mother and my brothers and sister. I learned to sing trying to sound like the classical voices of Huayno, Peruvian waltz, American jazz, Latin American trova and urban music. I was part of some amateur musical groups but I started to take music and composition seriously when in 2011 I won the first prize with my song 'Todas mis Sangres' at the Canta Festival, Festival of the popular and unpublished Latin American song of Brussels, Belgium. From there I began to compose songs inspired by traditional styles and to study music with private teachers. They taught me the language of music, to read and write it. Now besides composing and performing my music, I also make arrangements and direct my own band. In 2015 I recorded my first cover album entitled 'Tributo'; and soon I will be giving birth to my first album of compositions that will be called ‘Todas mis Sangres’. The path of music is infinite and my life purpose is to continue growing in research and musical creation.  


Musical direction                  Coco Linares (Peru)

Arrangements                       Coco Linares

                                               Ilyari Derks 

                                               Julio Andrade (Ecuador)

                                               Frank Collazos (Peru) 

                                               Percy Bravo (Peru)

Production                            CollectiveYama (Ecuador)

Art and design                      Kiki Weerts (Holanda)

Video clip direction              Lila Penagos (Ecuador)

Crowdfunding director        Berenice Becerril Ortiz (Alemania)

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