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Night fare, the movie

A feature film directed by Julien Seri, a spectacular action thriller !

A proposito del progetto

Night Fare is a feature film project, a thriller perfectly combining action and suspense, a reinterpretation of Spielberg’s Duel. It is an ambitious project that managed to bring together great talent, beginning with Julien Seri, the director. With Night Fare, he will be completing his fourth feature film. The small budget of the film has practically reached its limit and we are asking for your help in order to help us finance the last spectacular takes of the movie: stunts, fight choreographies, human torches. The film is carried by an extraordinary team that are renowned actors and technicians not only in French cinema but in American cinema as well. They all believe in this projects and are prepared to offer their talent and their time to finish this long awaited independent film.

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Two kids from the ghetto return to the suburbs after a night of drinking and partying in Paris. They hail a taxi to get take them home, 15 kilometers outside of Paris. When the time comes to pay the driver, the two guys decide not to pay and make a run for it. It was neither the right taxi nor the right driver to mess with. The taxi will hunt them down through the night. He will never let them go, be it physically or mentally...they are going to pay. 

"Night Fare is a chase, the man hunt of an anti-hero chasing two young guys. Thanks to this driver, our two guys will learn more in one night than in 30 years of existence.

With this effective thriller, I want to create a movie based on a simple concept. With defined and alert direction, a tight script, I want to subtly move away from the clichés to highlight the characters and their emotions, bringing more depth to the story than one could imagine. This mix, going full force, with a numerous variations in rhythm will continuously revive the narration. The atmosphere of this thriller will at times lean more toward romance, simply and naturally, at times more toward an action film with original fight scenes (the opposite of what can be found on screens today) and at other times, quite gory with surprising shots that become more and more violent. Our driver reveals the unease of our daily lives, the violence and the perversity that looms above us. He lurks, he hunts, he’s always where we don’t expect him. As a man and a father, the loss of these values is something that terrifies me. I want to create a movie of a specific genre blending both style and substance, the basic ingredients for good cinema."

                                                                                                                                                              Julien Seri

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

This movie is an ambitious one but its budget is reduced compared to movies normally produced in France. Crowd funding is an opportunity for us to fill the missing part of our budget to finance the stunts and spectacular scenes but also to begin giving Night Fare a life by already presenting it to its future audience. An audience that will participate in its making and therefore will be attached to the film. Come and live the exciting adventure that is Night Fare and help us make this movie happen. We need you !

Reaching our 50 000 eurosgoal allows to ensure the budget to shoot spectacular stunts we have planned for the film.

- 75 000 eurogoal : with this goal, we add an immense visual value to the film with additional technical material to be used during the last action scene.

- 100 000 euro goal : this major goal allows us to add an extra week of filming and reintegrate scenes that we had to cut due to funding.

- 125 000 euro goal : within our current budget, we have an original musical score recorded for the movie. Reaching this goal would allow us to contact well-known groups and artists during post-production and punctuate certain moments of the movie with their specific music.

- 150 000 euro goal : in addition to everything noted above, a great wrap party with an open bar will be organized with the crew and everyone who participated in the Ulule campaign, which will be the object of a short documentary on crowd funding and will be available on the blu-ray version of the movie.

Thank you for your precious help!


The compensations that we offer are original and we hope will make you want to support us.

Goodies, original t-shirts, blu-rays, autographed photos but also tickets to the premiere with the team, the director and the cast. You will discover the film before its official release date and will enjoy a behind the scenes moment of cinema. Some rewards will have you be our guest during the filming to certain scenes. You’ll discover the magic of moviemaking. You’ll be able to be on set for thefilmingof the stunt scenes or the recording of the original score in the studio. 

A proposito del progettista

Julien Seriis aman of passion. As a child, he dreams of becoming a master of martial arts until he encounters cinema and with it, a new road to discover. His cinematic references are The Exorcist, Star Wars, The Shining, Rocky and Alien.

As a specialist of action films, both of his passions feed off of one another and his energy quickly leads him to begin a prolific career.

His talent is spotted early on, his specific style doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, especially not commercial film producers who see the great career that awaits him. With his first films, he wins prestigious international acclaim and rewards, the Lions de Cannes, the Oscars of the advertisement world, helping him continue his path. Julien still shares his world between advertisement and film where he works with great talents such as Robin Williams, Clovis Cornillac, and others.

Julien is 23 years old when Luc Besson spots his talent and offers him the opportunity to direct his first feature film "Yamakasi". The film is a success both in France and internationally. His second film, "The Great Challenge" is filmed for UGC with the Yamakasi in 2003. His third film, more original, "Scorpion" comes out in 2007 with Karole Rocher (from Braquo), Clovis Cornillac (Asterix)Olivier Lemarchal and Jerome Le Banner, the well known K1 fighter. Television also recognizes his talent and offers him several opportunities that Julien takes. He has directed 4 television movies since 2008. And today, he is heading up the Night Fare project.

Discover his work here :

Fanny is revealed in a film called Little Jerusalem. Her acting is acclaimed and she is nominated for Best Upcoming Actress at the Cesars, the French equivalent of the Oscars. Two years later, she plays alongside France’s beloved Romain Duris and the extraordinary Fabrice Lucchini in Molière. In 2009, the actress stars in an anxiety-filled thriller Vertigo. That same year she stars alongside Pio Marmai in Murphy’s Law before slipping into the skin of Rosa Deroult, a singer obsessed with Rudi Rosenberg in I will never Forget You, a drama set in Marseille in 1941. In 2012, she plays in the thriller The Crossing. She portrays a young mysterious woman alongside Michaël Youn, a father on a quest to discover the truth behind the mysterious kidnapping of his daughter.

We have recently seen him in the role of Jean-Baptiste, one of Belle’s brothers in the movie version of Beauty and the Beast by Christophe Gans.

Born to a father who was a stuntman, he quickly became very familiar with movie sets. At 11 years old, he gets his first role in a film in the The World of Marty with Michel Serrault. This role will allow him to obtain the prize of Best Upcoming Actor by a professional jury and a Special Distinction at the Beziers Film Festival. From 2005 to 2007, he plays the role of Tom Devos, the son of Caroline and Samuel in a mini-series for teens called K Ça, airing on France 3. In 2006, he participates in the live show Hearts of Galerne, where he plays the role of the the Marquis of Faravelle at the Chateau de Goulaine. In 2008, he appeared on the show, Second Chance aired on TF1.

Jonathan is one of the rising stars of British cinema. Jonathan attended the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Within a few years, he acquired a solid acting experience by playing in such shows as Dream Team and Downton Abbey. He has also played in major American motion pictures like World War Z with Brad Pitt and more recently in Thor: The Dark World.

Jess Liaudin (born 1973) is a French professional mixed martial artist, kickboxer and Film actor who currently fights out of London, England. Jess trained in martial arts from eight years old; in karate initially and then moving on to kickboxing. Liaudin was born in Evry. From the age of 16, he has been fighting in a variety of full-contact competitions. He has fought in over 84 amateur and professional fights in mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Japanese Shootboxing and has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Jess Liaudin is going to be our taxi driver.

Olivier Schneider is a French actor, stuntman, and producer. He’s an extremely knowledgable technician and stunt choreographer who accepted to join us on this adventure. He’s going to choreograph the scenes we want to finance using this crowd funding campaign. 

Jacques Ballard will be responsible for the photography on Night Fare. His great talent and knowledge of the very latest technology are a priceless addition to the film.

Michel Abramowicz is a renowned technician in French cinema. He will be in charge of the photography of the second team with Pascal Sid and Paul Mignot as directors. His presence on set is a strong message, he believes in us and in Night Fare.


Pascal Sid is a French writer, producer, screenwriter and director. Since 1999, he directs commercials and numerous short films of different genres like HK (kung-fu), 6 Hours (action), El Derechazo (western) The Sixth Man, a crime film made in 2005 with Olivier Lemarchal and produced by Julien Seri. In 2010, Pascal wrote and directed his first feature called Behind the Walls, a horror film with Laetitia Casta. It was the first 3D feature length fiction produced in France. The movie was sold to many countries and found international success with nearly 1 million tickets sold.

Paul Mignot is a director and producer. He grew up with cinema before turning to commercial directing 8 years ago. He’s directed advertisement campaigns for brands such as Audi, Emporio Armani, Dior and Peugeot. He’s collaborated with Nicole Kidman, Andre Agassi, and Didier Drogba amongst others