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Jacques Brel was once its’ captain

SAVE ASKOY II: soon ready to sail again ? With your financial help !

A proposito del progetto

This cathedral of steel once belonged to Jacques Brel. This yacht, the Askoy II, was taken out of its’ grave of sand ten years ago. After many adventures, finally it is undergoing restoration in a shipyard in Zeebrugge , Belgium. The hull and the deck are already totally redone.
Maybe in a few months, it will be ready to sail again. In 2019, to go to the Marquises, as Brel did 40 years ago. Thanks to your financial help.

Why are we saving this yacht, the Askoy II, and doing the restoration?

  • Because the yacht was already unique when it was launched, just like the one time owner, Jacques Brel.
  • Because the yacht was Brel’s home for 2 years. The Askoy II was, for Jacques Brel, his dream to experience life in a different way.

Because it is a witness of the singer, a part of his life!

Today, after 10 years of efforts, Piet and Staf Wittevrongel, together with a non profit organization which owns the boat, are proud to have restored the Askoy II by 80%! But, there is still a lot to do. We are convinced that, with your help, it will soon sail again. The yacht that Jacques Brel had to give up.

An adventure and a rebirth!

The yacht, Askoy II, a real steel cathedral of 40 tons, is nearly 20 meters long and 5 meters wide.
Jacques Brel was once its’ captain.  He sailed it to the Marquises where he had to give up because of his cancer.

First half of 2018 : the hull and deck are all restored, as well as the bright.  At present, the interior, equipment and riggings still need to be finished.

The new engine compartment

We, the brothers Wittevrongel, and the non-profit organization Save Askoy II, owners of the yacht, are looking for financial support.

Our goal?
To finish the restoration and have the Askoy sailing again like it did with Jacques Brel. Maybe to go to the Marquises, as Brel did 40 years ago!

With your financial help ?

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

 Finances have already served:
100.000€ already invested in the recovering and transport from New Zeeland to Belgium:
During the last 10 years, through other generous gifts, we have, little by little, restored the hull and the deck and installed the engine

Today, we need 20.000€ for:

  • insulation of the hull and interior bulkhead. : 40.000 €
  • furnishing the cabins  5000€
  • electronics equipment, sanitary  3000€
  • craftwork: carpenter, electrician  8000€ 

June 2018: the empty hull of the Askoy II: the funds will serve to finish the interior cabinshelp

To finish the restoration and have the Askoy II sailing again we need  your financial help.

A proposito del progettista

Who are we?

We are the brothers Wittevrongel in front of the warehouse and the restored hull of the Askoy II

In 2004 we, Staf and Piet Wittevrongel, created a non profit foundation "Save Askoy II." This foundation is owner of the yacht. We started the foundation to save and restore the Askoy II.

Staf Wittevrongel: “It is our long experience as Master-sailmakers that motivated us to do this.”

In fact, Wittevrongel Sails, is a company with a long reputation as Master-sailmakers in Blankenberge, at the Belgian coast. We made and sold personally the sails for the yacht of Jacques Brel. That’s why we wanted to save this fantastic witness of the singer.

We are the head and brains of the foundation, Save Askoy II. We took it out of the Sand in 2008. We arranged the transport from New Zeeland to Belgium. We supervised, coordinated and supported the restoration from shipyard to shipyard!

Now, in Zeebrugge, the restoration goes on.

What is our objective now? To make the yacht of Jacques Brel sail again, just like it did when Brel left from Antwerp in 1974 for his journey around the World.

We hope to launch the boat on 8 April, 2019, on the anniversary of Brel’s birthday. With your financial help.