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Technology and Bones

First Album

A proposito del progetto

Dear friends,

It has been now 3 years since I created the Technology and Bones project and it is time to head to the studio to record it, so as to celebrate these years of research and offer you a way to listen to it at will, in your own living room, on your favorite headphones.

And to do this, the crux of the matter: I need some resources! I've tightened the budget as much as I could, but it still represents a large amount of money for a humble working musician in New York City. The Big Apple provides continuous inspiration through its cultural diversity, but it remains a city of constant hustle for musicians .

This recording is a milestone in my life. The music from Technology and Bones is to me a new language created from my past and present experiences. Through it, I try to express and share with you my thoughts and emotions about our modern world. For this reason, a crowdfunding campaign seems to be appropriate.

Here you will find below a list of the songs I would like to record , most od them are listennable in demo versions

Here :

and here :

Track list :

Portrait of Tracy (J.Pastorius)
HotBulb Engine
Outside Now (F.Zappa)
Super 8
Ship Sodek
Bell Foundry

A cosa serviranno i fondi ?

This budget will cover all the production expenses of this album for a digital release in july 2018

I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with Rebekah Wineman on this recording. Rebekah is a wonderful human being and a kick-ass sound engineer.

A proposito del progettista

After spending 15 years based in France, playing and touring in almost 20 countries with his Bass Trombone in whatever styles he was asked to play (from Classical and Contemporary Music to Progressive Metal, Electronic Music and Street Art performances), Alix has moved to the North American continent.

Most recently he spent one year in Montreal Canada where he developped his taste for Jazz Music and improvisation, and now finds himself in New York where he can fully embrace his improvisatory and experimental musical practices and experiences as a performing freelancer.

For more information, visit :